What to Know When Buying the Best Synthetic Urine for Drug Test

Synthetic urine or fake pee is the substance drug user’s use to pass or beat drugs tests. The artificial urine is made to resemble normal human urine. Besides, it has no traces of hard drugs such as marijuana, opiates, cocaine, or any other illegal substances that are the target for the drug tests.

The artificial urine is manufactured to have the right levels of urea, creatine, nitrates, uric acid, and the optimal pH that mimics real human urine. Additionally, it has the unique smell or urine and enough water and minerals to give it an ordinary urine-like appearance. As you shop for synthetic urine, it’s vital to reflect on what you need to know before buying synthetic urine. Consider the following tips.

Go for the Best Synthetic Urine Kits

If you desire to pass a drug test using synthetic urine, it’s vital to purchase the best brands in the market. A good fake urine brand will give you a 99.99% success rate. One such brand is Quick Fix 6.2 and UPass, a crop new formula urine brands that are made to mimic really pee. UPass Synthetic Urine in particular has ingredients similar to human urine and it is used to calibrate urinalysis equipment. If you use inferior brands, chances of been detected or the test backfiring are high. Manufacturers make artificial urine with ingredients that will make the urine look and have similar characteristics to real urine. But since this is fake urine, the ingredients used to make the products should be of the highest quality possible. Do your homework and know the best brands in the market before shopping.

Consider the Specific Gravity, PH

Specific Gravity EquipmentThe concentration of the artificial urine is crucial. In the lab, the urine is tested for pH and the specific gravity, among other factors. The temperature of the synthetic urine is also relevant; the liquid should be between 32 to 38 degrees. Remember overheating the urine may result in significant changes in the concentration, thus the need to purchase synthetic urine that comes with heating pads. The specific gravity and pH of urine should be within the normal range from 4.5 to 8.0.

Shelf Life

Since most drug tests pop up unexpectedly, it’s critical to ensure your synthetic urine has a long shelf life. This will make sure you have the product any time your employer or any other organization request for drug tests. Besides, you should only present viable products for testing to limit the chances of detection. Alternatively, you should replace your artificial urine periodically to ensure you always have fresh products.

Fake Pee Brands May Vary

As you go shopping, you should know where to buy synthetic urine from and understand all brands aren’t the same and may not produce similar results. It’s, therefore, essential to consider the consistency and viability of the particular brand. Since the market has many different brands of synthetic urine, it’s necessary to know what to look for in an ideal brand. For example, you need to check online reviews of the particular brand and see what past users are saying. If they have succeeded in using the fake urine for their drug tests, then you can trust the brand to give you the same results.

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