A Buying Guide for a Gaming Laptop

In the modern days, laptops are being used by many people including professionals, gamers, and students. Most gamers prefer playing games on desktop computers. However, breaking down these units is very difficult. It is also difficult to take them to another location. Laptop computers are convenient for use because of their portability.

The early generation of gaming computers had small display screens, hard drive space, memory capacity and slow processor speeds. The modern laptops are improved, and they can be used in playing graphics-laden games. Computer manufacturing companies are offering new gaming laptops that have advanced features. The following are the essential features that you need to consider when choosing a gaming laptop.

Processor speed

A good gaming laptop should have a processor that is delivering high speed. Your device will react very fast if it has a high processing speed. This is vital when playing games using a computer. Some of the top manufacturers of processors include Intel and AMD.processor



A device having more memory is better than that having a small one. Computers having a big RAM respond fast to the user’s actions. This is vital when you are playing games. Ideal gaming laptops have either 16 or 32 GB of RAM.

Size of the screen

Most laptops have small screens that are not ideal for playing games. Users can see all the details when they are using large monitors like those found in desktop computers. The modern gaming laptops come with large monitors to improve the gamer’s experience. These devices include the Alienware gaming laptop and MSI GX70 3Be-007Us which have screen sizes of 18.4 inches and 17.3 inches respectively. In addition to their large screens, these devices come with high-quality graphics cards and fast processors. Laptops having large screens are less portable as compared to the small ones.

Hard drive

The hard drive or hard disk drive is the storage device. It is the device that keeps the entire computer’s data in a secure and safe location. A good gaming laptop should have adequate space to store more information. Most of the modern gaming laptops such as Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 and Toshiba Qosmio X75 are designed with large hard drives.hard drive

External ports

There are different types of external ports including video ports, firewire ports, and USB ports. The type of the ports needed depends on the applications being run by the user.

  • Firewire- This port is used when capturing videos from camcorders. It is not common like the USB port.
  • USB-Most laptops have two or three USB ports. They are used when connecting other devices including an external keyboard, flash drives and a mouse to the laptop.
  • Video Ports- They are used when connecting monitors and projectors to the laptop.