Moving Hack That Everyone Needs

Moving Hack That Everyone Needs

When packing and moving, it is easy to forget certain things that you need immediately at your destination. You don’t have to rummage through your packed boxes to find your toothbrush and deodorant. Instead, pack separate bags to store the items you need on the first day

Label Your Boxes

marker mark boxes

This can be done quickly with a color-coded system that allows you to look at your boxes and instantly know which room your content belongs to. With color-coded boxes, it can not only be helpful to take stock of what is in each box, but it can also be easy to see where to go and which room to move into. When you move, you know which boxes need to be in the most accessible place to unpack and be in the back of the stack for a few days. Make sure you label your boxes according to the time you want to unpack them and label each box with a drawn key that tells you where to go. You want to unpack used items regularly first, but not all at once.


clutter cleaning thingsTake a day to search all the rooms, cabinets, cupboards, and drawers and donate everything you no longer need. It can be as simple as going through the wardrobe and trying to find things in your house that you no longer need, or as complex as carefully packing and moving. Just like in the closet, there is no point in going from one room to another, trying and finding what you need, so carefully pack and move.

Secure Your Cabinet Drawersbubble secure furniture

So when you are preparing to move, look at your furniture and see if it can be removed, and if so, remove it and put it in a particular bag or box, or use duct tape or plastic wrap to keep it from falling off. However, if you miss one of the supports, you can end up adding a piece of cardboard to prevent your dining table from toppling over on one side.

Bottom Line

Now that you know all these hacks, you are ready to move like a pro and read them to see which ones you can use for your next move. When you unpack at your new location, you will be much better organized, and you may find that the move will be cheaper, but you will also be more less stress when you move to your new home.…

Choosing a Georgia Natural Gas Provider

Choosing a Georgia Natural Gas Provider

Living in Georgia where the natural gas market is deregulated allows you to choose a certified natural gas provider to provide your energy. However, deregulation makes the market complicated and tough to navigate without any guidance. You have an array of natural gas providers to choose from, and getting the best to work is always a challenge. Here is the ultimate guide on choosing the right Georgia natural gas provider to supply your energy.


Know Your Priorities

Like any other life decision, you need to set your priorities right before looking at the available options. Note down the important things for you. Are you looking for good customer service? Do you want a provider with predictable natural gas rates? Do you want a company which has been in the industry for decades or are you okay with new entrants? Write these down and rank them from the most prioritized to the least. Having this list will help you to narrow down the providers who meet your needs.


warrantyDefine the Specific Usage

If you are new in Georgia, request the previous tenant, homeowner or a friend with similar gas requirements like you to share with you their previous utility bills. This will help you understand the house’s levels of gas usage and also in comparing the gas prices.

If you are not new in Georgia, then you can easily estimate your gas usage levels and cost from previous utility bills. When you start looking for the natural gas provider to work with, present them with the estimated usage, and the provider will give you the corresponding costs are likely to pay for the coming months. If you are keen on cost, then choose the provider with the most favourable all-inclusive rates.


The Contract’s Length

Different gas providers have different types of contracts, and the length of the contract varies from one provider to the next.

Most providers offer contracts between one to two years. Longterm contracts offer a fixed rate for the entire duration of the contract. This is good, especially if you get a favourable rate. On the other hand, you might have to keep paying high rates in case natural gas rates drop. Research on the expected trends of the natural gas rates to decide on the right length of the contract to sign.


Special Features in a Package

Most Georgia natural gas providers offer special plans with incentives which might be worth looking at. Even though the price is one of the most important factors, packages with features such as free energy saving gadgets, discounts for senior citizens, active military and veterans, or charity contributions are worth considering.



Ensure that the natural gas provider you choose is certified. You can easily do this by having a look at the list of certified natural gas providers in Georgia or simply asking the provider to provide you with proof of certification.

With these tips, you will have an easy time making the choice of the right natural gas provider for your needs. There are also websites which enable you to compare different natural gas rates and plans by different providers in Georgia.…

Your Ultimate Land Surveyor Company in California

Your Ultimate Land Surveyor Company in California

You might have at one instance driven down the road and came across several guys standing several meters apart, each with a yellow tripod doing what might seemingly appear like staring at each other? Occasionally, you might catch one looking through a camera-like contraption if you looked closely keenly and wondered what they were doing.

This seemingly odd act is actually called surveying. Basically, what they’re doing is taking 3-dimensional measurements of that specific piece of land to come up with calculated distances between various points or determine the elevation. However, it’s worth noting that surveying is not restricted to these two applications. There are many other uses ranging from determining land boundaries all the way to creating maps. This means that the services of a qualified surveyor are needed to ensure only accurate measurements and computations are recorded.

Ray Carlson Sonoma County Land Surveyors is a California based company that is dedicated to providing expert land surveying services using the latest technology. The company has a team of experienced surveyors, who are perfectionists and understand all the ins and outs of the business.

Below are some of the techniques applied by land surveyors in their surveying excursions depending on the requirements and nature of the land:

Aerial Surveying

This method is also referred to as photogrammetric mapping. It involves capturing very high-resolution photos from an aerial point of view in order to determine the makeup, contours and other conditions that constitute a specific area of land.

If you’ve come across a map drawn in such a way that it almost looks 3-dimensional, that is the product of photogrammetric mapping or aerial surveying if you will. A conventional map would just be a simple 2D image or representation of the land, but surveying enables shading to project a sense of depth or height.


3D Laser Scanning

This second technique employs is another high definition surveying which may seem more or less similar to aerial surveying to an inexperienced person while in reality, it’s very different. Instead of making use of photographs taken from an aerial point, the surveyors scan the ground point by point and then use their high-tech gadgets to create a precise digital representation of the land. This method ensures all contours are accurately represented. The scanning can be done either on the ground or from the air.

This 3D representation can then be used to carry out spatial analysis for a proposed project without necessarily having to return to the site again. As such, planning becomes easier and efficient since everything is stored on a computer.

Electronic Measuring

This technique makes use of light beams that travel between two theodolites (the mounted “cameras”) to accurately calculate the distances between the two points. Electronic Measuring also computes the angles between the two points. This technique enables the surveyors to measure across terrains that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to measure like swamps, valleys, and marshes.

Whether you want to delineate boundaries between properties, preparing your land for construction, or you just need a 3D-rendered image in order to make your study of a specific area easy and affordable, Ray Carlson and Associate is your go-to land survey experts in California.…

Guide to Hiring the Best Electrical Contractor

Guide to Hiring the Best Electrical Contractor

Choosing the perfect electrical contractor is extremely crucial if you want to get the job done. In fact, the right electrical contractor should be precise, trustworthy, and above all offer your services that meet your expectations. This no-nonsense guide will take you through the several important factors you should consider when choosing the right electrical contractor.

Identify What You Need

Start by asking yourself if you’re planning to renovate, change the design, or carry out small/serious renovations. Another crucial point to consider is when you’d like the job to be completed, but you must be realistic to avoid putting the contractor under unnecessary pressure. That said, some electrical contractors are capable of completing a 6-month project in 3 months or even less. Even so, the electrical contractor should be informed on time about the details of the project, the deadlines, and the budget.


Their Estimated Rate

Whether you’re given the estimated value verbally or you’re provided with a concrete proposal will most certainly depend on the kind of project. If your project is a bit complicated, you’ll find most electrical contractors charging you hourly. This is because they’re not sure about the exact duration the job will be completed. This’s also good if you need to make changes while the project is still ongoing. Also, some of them use the time and material rates (T&M), which means you’ll be charged according to the time and the material spent during the whole project.

Verify Licensing and Insurance

The contractor with the lowest bid might save you a few bucks in the short term. However, making sure that the contractor is fully licensed and insured to carry out the work is also very important. A licensed contractor must carry the worker’s liability and compensation insurance in case of accidents and injuries at the place of work. So never shy away from asking for a copy of the company’s insurance certificates to avoid exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. Note that a good contractor should have insurance cover for you in case the electrician abandons the work and disappears.

Check Reviews and References

electricianGetting reliable references is a point that should never be overlooked, even in this increasingly digital era. Start by finding out what kind of jobs the contractor has successfully completed, and then proceed to ask the prior clients if they’re satisfied with the work done. In fact, ask the electrical contractor to provide you with recent client’s contact information. Do this for the top 3-5 picks on your list.

In addition you can go online and find out more about them on their website and read client reviews. Search for customer testimonials, online portfolios, or any other information you might find relevant. However, word of mouth reputation is always the best option since the internet isn’t always reliable.

Get the Details in Writing

After settling for a specific electrician of your choice, it’s now time for them to provide you with a written proposal. The proposal must include every bit of details that precisely reflect on the needs for your project and the goals.

Always remember that choosing the right electrical contractor is a very important to the success of your project. In fact, most electrical contractors will require you to communicate properly to enable them effectively plan for your work. If you’re looking for the perfect results, research and talk to the contractor, ask questions, and most importantly clarify their doubts.…